Mark Enbatta"s TRIBE album will be available on the 25th of October on vinyl and CD.

It's a worldwide release so you are not supposed to order from here! We will add it to our listing though... Postage became…

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We wanted our first album as the TRIBE to sound in a way that would have impressed Lucas... Most of the songs have been written when we were still expecting him to record and play them. 
He told me the…

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TRIBE at work

We're currently mixing 14 songs for the Mark Enbatta's TRIBE album. Quite a long work because new production ideas never stop coming in...

Eight of the new songs are already played on stage and perfectly fit with the older…

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TRIBE at work!

After only two rehearsals, the tribe is ready to enter the recording studio... It won't happen before April but it's amazing how each guy understands the moods of all the songs! There will be more rehearsals in the Kaiser studio…

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Since June 2015, I knew that Lucas would leave the Vietnam Veterans to join the Eternal Lost Stars Band. We couldn't blame him for it. Who would refuse to play with Jerry Garcia, Sky Saxon, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix? …

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Kaiser Studio

The last two weeks have seen Mark and Peter working out how the logic - or lack of it - comes together in the Kaiser Studio -  based in Chagny, Bourgogne,  France. This superb analogue studio, one of the best…Read more

Recording sessions!

2016 will be a very busy year in the studio... A new Vietnam Veterans album should be recorded, although it will probably be released in 2017. Most of the songs are now written but we want to work in the…Read more

A FISTFUL OF LOVE tour (Part One)

We've had a great time playing Germany again after 25 years. We've met many friends and we gave great performances. I'm very happy with this line-up! Martin is back and Peter brings things we never had in the band before…Read more