Hello, happy taxpayers. Welcome to the world of Mark Enbatta's Tribe!
You maybe know I'm the only remaining member of the original Vietnam Veterans...
I've decided that this name won't be used anymore for new records or gigs.
Lucas wasn't an original member but I will keep this decision until he stops being dead.

This is the collection of all of my music from The Vietnam Veterans, The Vietnam Chain, The Gitanes, The Thyrd Twin and my solo work, ME. 

The TRIBE is more than a band. It's a chosen family...
Not only musicians might be members of the TRIBE and the line up of the band is an open one!
At the moment, Peter McConnel, Eric Lenoir, Erik Jeulin and I are holding the instruments whilst Zinzan Blue is minding the art but I hope Clarisse Bruyère and others are ready to join in!  Soon into the studio to record a new album!

"ME": Mark Enbatta's complete acoustic sessions (1990-1999)! 

All of the Vietnam Veterans' songs have been written and brought to life with an acoustic guitar... Even Mark's guitar style is heavily influenced by the way an acoustic guitar is usually played. All along those recordings, you will hear much more than a guy singing and strumming his instrument. You will hear vocal harmonies, several instruments and a real production work. Even solo efforts like these ones are aimed to become band recordings. Just like the late PF Sloan's pre Grassroots or Barry McGuire's…

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Since June 2015, I knew that Lucas would leave the Vietnam Veterans to join the Eternal Lost Stars Band. We couldn't blame him for it. Who would refuse to play with Jerry Garcia, Sky Saxon, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix? 
Many months before leaving us, he told me to ask his younger brother to take his place in the band. Emotionally it’s too heavy for Laurent... so we've decided that nobody would replace the one and only Kaiser. 
Now the band is back to its original 1982-1983 form: bass, drums and two…

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Kaiser Studio 

The last two weeks have seen Mark and Peter working out how the logic - or lack of it - comes together in the Kaiser Studio -  based in Chagny, Bourgogne,  France. This superb analogue studio, one of the best in the world, was put together in '85 by Lucas Trouble and where the band has recorded ever since.  They've spent long hours taming the spaghetti!  It will soon be open for business again! Although there is a 24 track desk the guys will start with the 16 track one......enough for Rock n Roll!  Soon…Read more

Recording sessions! 

2016 will be a very busy year in the studio... A new Vietnam Veterans album should be recorded, although it will probably be released in 2017. Most of the songs are now written but we want to work in the way that made us happy with FISTFUL OF LOVE. I mean, we will rehearse a lot before starting the recording sessions. That's the best way to add important details to the bass/drums rendition. It's the best way to be ready for playing live too!
Before recording this new record, we will have to complete Mark…Read more

A FISTFUL OF LOVE tour (Part One) 

We've had a great time playing Germany again after 25 years. We've met many friends and we gave great performances. I'm very happy with this line-up! Martin is back and Peter brings things we never had in the band before.
All the audiences were very familiar to our music but I missed the newcomers, the youngsters we want to convince. Unlike the Greek audiences, the German ones were lacking the presence of innocent and curious young guys and girls. I guess we will have to play in festivals to reach this kind…Read more


2015... it's been a long time since we've heard the first psychedelic sounds! nowadays, many people connect this word to a style of music and to the use of typical instruments or effects. This is very far from any reality! many psychedelic bands from the 60's never used any of them. A lot of them were playing on traditional acoustic instruments or on your average Rock n' Roll gear but they were obviously psychedelic groups. Did the Grateful Dead or Kaleidoscope ever use any weird sound processor? Nope!
What…Read more
It is with great regret that I have to inform everyone that Lucas Trouble died on Friday 1st April.  The Kaiser will be greatly missed by his family and everyone that knew him.  We will always remember him, not least for his fantastic musical knowledge and expertise, particularly on the keyboards, his wonderful production at Le Kaiser Studio, his showmanship on stage and his great sense of fun.

Important News:  Lucas Trouble and Mediums cd's now available in the store! 


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The Vietnam Veterans

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"Rauber and Rebellen Club", Grosse Perdekamp Strasse 2, 45657 Recklinghausen

VIETNAM VETERANS (FRANCE) Creative Outlaws has a truly sensational success! After 25 years of absence from the music scene, they return at the invitation of the Creative Outlaws for some concerts in Germany. They are the biggest and best neo-psychedelic band that Europe has ever produced. You will witness the original lineup as a Quartet. It is the only concert (or 2 concerts) in NRW and far beyond that and we have booked for 2 nights. 10.000 fans can not be wrong!

15/16 Euros