2015... it's been a long time since we've heard the first psychedelic sounds! nowadays, many people connect this word to a style of music and to the use of typical instruments or effects. This is very far from any reality! many psychedelic bands from the 60's never used any of them. A lot of them were playing on traditional acoustic instruments or on your average Rock n' Roll gear but they were obviously psychedelic groups. Did the Grateful Dead or Kaleidoscope ever use any weird sound processor? Nope!
What we should call Psychedelic Music or Art must directly come from the unknown depths of our minds. This was quite easy with the 60's use of lysergic drugs... it doesn't mean that artists must pass the acid test to deserve being called psychedelic ones! there are other ways to explore our own minds... and alcoholics and junkies couldn't get the right effects of LSD!
It's not that easy to recognise real Psychedelic Music... Innocence, freedom, sincerity, memory, childhood are a few keywords. Think about it!

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